How COVID-19 will shape our lives when it’s over

Coronavirus is a deadly virus spreading at a very faster pace all over the world. Everyone is facing consequences due to the situation created after this pandemic directly or indirectly. People are made to stay in their homes, countries are facing lockdown, markets are closed, shutters are down, offices are closed and people are facing unemployment. Many are away from their families, some are self-isolated while some may be quarantined. Some are facing a shortage of food while others trying to manage their budget. There is no medicine or cure to this deadly virus yet and God knows when we will have one. All these circumstances have made mankind to sit back and think of their doings. What was wrong that has made us fall so bad and what has made to stop our lives at once. Everyone is in great dilema, needy people can not work hard to earn their living nor the rich can go to an international tour for a vacation. Everyone is locked down and no matter who is rich or poor, the deadly virus is affecting all equally. All this will pose a deep impact on humans’ life and their life will be re-shaped once this pandemic will come to an end. Coronavirus will shape human lives in an entirely different way when it will be over. Below are the possible consequences that the world may face after the end of this pandemic

Less artificial life

COVID-19 is such a virus that it has put people around the world in lockdown and they are trying to live in as much as they have. Such a situation has taught man several aspects of life. Firstly that he could have eaten less fancy food and a low proportion of food to live. Secondly, wearing normal clothes doesn’t matter while before all the situation of lockdown people were in a race of shopping brands and competing with each other in terms of the dresses they wear. Thirdly, people could have lived if they don’t though huge parties to boost their success or any achievement. Finally, living a simple life in a simple house was also possible and the list goes on.

Preference will be given to online jobs

As this pandemic comes to an end, people will be so concerned about their health and lives that they will be sacred to work in gatherings and populated offices. And they would prefer to work online in their personal space. Working online requires a personal computer and an internet connection. Offices will be set in such a way that all the employees will get connected to a common link and will be able to share commands and work with each other at the spot. Meetings shall also be conducted online worldwide.

People would have learned to live in less

In the present situation of a pandemic, people are not able to buy new clothes nor they are looking for new stylish cars. This situation of a pandemic has made people live in what they have. Everyone is wearing their old clothes in the new season and no one is really worried about the ways to show off his or her wealth. People are not looking for charming and mind-blowing destinations for their upcoming holidays instead they are staying in their own homes surviving with what they already have

Gatherings will be avoided

Once this pandemic is over, people would be so scared of death especially those who may have lost their loved ones during this deadly pandemic that they would avoid all circumstances, that were once the cause of the spread of coronavirus, for years. This will result in weddings without huge gatherings. Moreover, people would hesitate to hang out with each other for long. In the opinion of many worlds would not come to the normal condition for a long period of time.

Family festivals or functions will be made simple

After the end of this pandemic, people would come to a simpler life for long. All the family functions that were once a source of rich gatherings would come to an end. For example, huge wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, religious functions, etc will be made simple and shall be conducted among a few people only.

People would use sanitizers and masks always

In the present situation of a pandemic due to coronavirus people are aware of the fact that it spreads through the coughing or sneezing droplets of the infected person and for this very reason people are advised to wear face masks in order to control its spread. Now everyone wears facemask to stop coming in contact with the infected person’s cough or sneeze droplets. It has become the necessity of the present time. And even after the pandemic will be over, people would still wear facemasks and gloves for a long period of time.

People would prefer to live isolated

The coronavirus pandemic has really scared mankind and people are forced to live in quarantine or self-isolation. This will make people habitual of it if this situation continues for a long period of time.

Governments will pay more attention on research laboratories 

Once the coronavirus is over, the whole world will realize the importance of science and technology and even underdeveloped countries will invest a proportion of their budget for the research sector. Research is the only way to device away against this pandemic by making medicine or vaccination against this deadly pandemic. And in the future, all governments in the world will realize its importance and need.

People would have learned the impact of a misery

After this pandemic will come to end, people will look back at what they all have been through. There was unemployment, shortage of food, lack of daily necessities, homelessness and many more. Facing all this mankind will emerge into a totally transformed being that would know how a misery of deprivation of something looks like. Even the rich are facing the consequences of coronavirus and this will make them realize the fact how it feels when you are penniless or powerless.

Less population of the world

Until and unless this pandemic is over, many people are suffering from it and some are even dead and it seems as if the situation is never-ending. This will result in a world that would be less populated ad may be clean as well. Before coronavirus, the world was really worried about the increasing population but now the number of deaths from each country is rising day by day and people are facing stressful conditions. If there will be no cure or medicine to this virus shortly, the world may face a drastic decrease in number of human beings.

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