Coronavirus Pandemic and our Mental Health

Coronavirus is a family of viruses that affect human respiratory system but the novel coronavirus that is COVID-19 that stands for “ coronavirus disease 2019” is different in a way that it is highly contagious as it is spreading in the whole world at a very faster pace and secondly a person infected by this virus may die as there is no treatment available for it till date. People are supposed to recover from it on the basis of their own immunity as no other alternative such as a medicine or vaccine is available against this new strain of coronavirus. Such a scenario has led man to a state of uncertainty and grief. Due to the highly contagious nature of this virus, the world has to stop once to let this virus come to an end. People are made to stay in their homes by introducing the practice of social distancing which led to a lockdown in a lot of countries of the whole world. As WHO has declared this virus as a pandemic and this condition as a state of a global health emergency, people are now more concerned about their lives. And now its not only the lives of the people that are getting effected but more importantly people are facing mental health issues due to multiple factors created as a result of this pandemic. The mental health of people is compromised by several problems that are created alongside with this virus other that health issues. 

Effects of Coronavirus pandemic on our mental health

With the fast spread of coronavirus pandemic people all over are the world are forced to stay in their homes by their respective governments. Moreover people are made to practice social distancing because of which they are not able to return to their homeland or meet their families. This situation of unrest in the world has imposed deep impact on the mental health of all humans being in several different ways. Few of them are listed below.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic people all over the world are advised to maintain social distance and stay away from each other as coronavirus spread through human contact, cough, sneeze or coming in contact with any secretion of the infected person. In order to save their and others lives people are staying away from each other but doing so can save the physical heath of people from coronavirus but their mental health is at risk now. Man is a social animal and he needs people around him to share his emotions and feeling but with the spread of this pandemic people are unable to do so hence a state of loneliness prevail in their mind making them mentally sick. 

Anxiety and Depression

As people all over the world are practicing social distancing and can not meet their loved ones , they are facing different types of problems and lack of relationship in their daily lives. People have become really anxious and panic about their future. No one knows when this situation will come to an end and this fact has created real tension and depression among people. Another reason of creating anxiety and depression is constantly increasing number of coronavirus infected patients all over the world. While there is no cure of the deadly virus yet, people are really worried what will happen next.

Financial strain 

Due to coronavirus pandemic, people are made to sit in their homes leaving all their daily routine, offices etc. At present people do not have a way of earning their livelihood as they are made to leave their jobs and stay home by their government. Having no way of earning has put people to live on their saving which will eventually come to an end. Such a tragic situation in almost every house has made people depressed financially.

Lethargic routine makes one mind dull

As people are made to stay at their homes, there is nothing to do much. Coronavirus has badly affected the daily routine of everyone. People are staying at home and majorly investing time in taking rest, cooking and eating. This lazy routine has made everyone lethargic and less active. People are getting out of shape bodily and have nothing to do except wait. This situation is also a need of mental concern for people these days.

Away from homeland

Everyone is stuck wherever they are resulting in a condition after lockdown. People who were away from their homeland to earn livelihood for their family are now stuck in foreign countries. This situation has put them and their families in a miserable condition.

Away from family

Some people despite living in the same home and country are living away from the family because they are self isolated or quarantined for being at a risk of containing the virus. This situation has forced many to live a depressed life.

State of Uncertainty

No one knows when this pandemic will come to an end or when there will be a cure to this virus. Moreover when the life will come to its normal pace. There is a neverending list of such questions that has put mankind in a state of no where and people are living a life full of uncertainity.

Feeling of Grief and sorrow

Due to the present situation of a pandemic, people looking for reasons behind it. Some are repenting on their sins as this may be a result of the unjust deeds done humans with eachother and now nature is taking its revenge. Or this may be the result of technological advancement. Looking for various reasons behind this pandemic, people all over the world are in the condition of grief and sorrow.

Effect of Social Media

Social Media is creating stories eitherfake or real just create a hype of the situation. Everyone wants channel to be subscribed or there is race of more likes or views. This race has made people emotionless and they are creating false stories which are becoming a source of real depression for of the innocent people around that may die because oof a heartattack if saved from coronavirus.

Is the world in a state of war

Looking for reasons behind the existence of this deadly pandemic, a large group of people considers it a war strategy and coronavirus as a bioweapon which is manipulated by some power-hungry minds to take control of the world. This school of thought makes people really depressed making them think that they are surviving in a war zone.

Is it a power game and where do I stand

If its really been a race power that has given birth to this coronavirus pandemic then where do all ordinary human beings stand and what is the cost of an individual’s life in the eye of such evil minds. Playing with nature and trying to govern earth is the worst thought that comes in these evil mins making them kill several innocent people all around.

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