20 items world needs now (Other than masks and sanitizers)

The whole world is facing going through a pandemic right now caused by a coronavirus. It is a deadly virus that is highly contagious and spreads mainly through the droplets od cough or sneeze of an infected person. To stop its spread all the health care facilities are advising the use of sanitizers and facemasks but there are certain other things as well that may be considered as the need of the hour and it may not be wrong to say that they are every more important than just sanitizers and masks. Sanitizers and masks may be helpful to stop the spread of coronavirus at an individual level but if you want to get this pandemic end, there are many other factors that need to be considered alongside. This pandemic is not just a health issue or it is affecting only those who are infected by it but in fact, indirectly it is affecting the whole world in terms of financial disturbance, mental health, and unemployment etc. There are plenty of items that are also important other than masks and sanitizers including many sterilization items, systems, organizations, and items. It is wrong to say that coronavirus if not finished then the world will learn to live with it but in a completely transformed way. Below is a list of many of the other essential items that are required by the world now other than masks and sanitizers.

Bleach based cleaning agents

As coronavirus is spreading on a very fast pace so it is the need of the hour to disinfect surfaces and areas as soon as possible and this must be done on a regular basis. For this only bleach-based cleaning agents are helpful as they have the potential to disintegrate the lipid coat of the virus body thus making it inactive. Bleach based cleaning agents contain hydrogen peroxide that is the main active agent in making the virus inactive.

Immunity boosting food items

As there is no medicine or vaccination available for this pandemic, people need to rely on their built-in immune system to fight against this virus. For this very reason it is the need of the hour to consume such food which is good for health and triggers our immune system. Such immune boosting food includes protein, vitamin C, plenty of fluids etc which are abundantly found in cereals and fruits.

Tissue papers

As coronavirus is present in the cough or sneezing droplets of the infected person, WHO recommends to cover ones mouth while coughing or sneezing and for this tissue paper is the most preferred as it can be discarded easily and need to not to b used again and again which may become a source of contaminating others.

Anti viral soaps

As coronavirus can stay on surfaces and inanimate objects for as long as nine days, there is a need to wash hands often to stop its transmission and hence the chain of its spread. So it is advised to use a good disinfectant soap by which hands should be rubbed for twenty seconds and then washed with regular water.


According to the latest research on coronavirus, it can be killed at 58C so inhaling steam on a regular basis can kill coronavirus in the throat and lungs etc.


Ventilators are medical devices used to pump oxygen in human body when his or her lungs are unable to breathe air properly. Ventilators are required for patients who are severely affected by coronavirus and their infection has gone to a very serious stage. Infection gets severe in elderly or individuals with prior weak immune system.

Protective kits for medical staff

Another most important thing that is required and is in fact a  must-have in the fight against corona is the protective suiting for the medical staff. As medical staff is the one most affected by a pandemic so they require special care as well. 

Anti-viral walk through gates

Government should take measures to install such walk through gates that contain heavy sanitizer spray machines so that any person who passes through these gates is virus free. Such gates should be installed at the entrance of all commercial buildings, offices and educational institution buildings. This will help the world to live despite this pandemic.

Online education system

Another very important measure that should be taken by governments is to make the education system online so that there comes no gap in the educational year due to this pandemic.

COVID-19 specific hospitals

Specific hospitals should be made for COVID-19 patients to give them the specialised treatment required against the pandemic. Hospitals should consist of isolation centers, ultrasound rooms and special COVID-19 intensive care units.

Faster and specific test kits

To make the diagnosis of COVID-19 faster, instant and accurate kits need to be designed so that people can be tested at a faster rate having accurate results.

Medicine against COVID-19

It the utmost need of the hour to develop an effective medicine against COVID-19. Because until and unless world has a medicine against this pandemic, the panic created in the world would not come to an end.

A vaccination against COVID-19

To completely eradicate COVID-19 from the whole world, there is a need to develop a vaccine that would make people from all over the world immune to this virus and this pandemic will be erased from its very roots.

Provide online job opportunities

As the whole world is facing lockdown and people are becoming jobless day by day, governments and private companies should take initiatives to provide employment opportunities online so as to lessen the burden of poverty.

Ban on currency notes

The COVID-19 virus van stay on inanimate objects for as little ng as nine days and currency notes are one of those few things that in use frequently throughout a day and pass from the hands of one person to another. So steps should be taken to introduce digital currency and peopleshould be forced to use credit  cards instead of currency notes.

Organizations to help the poor and needy

Special organisations should be made to identify and help the needy and if such organisations are not available, they should be made by the governments.

Virus free quarantine centres

There must be spacious and fully equipped quarantine centres in all big cities to help people stay away from the community. Doing so will not spread the virus in the community.

A platform to create awareness among general

One very important measure that should be taken especially in underdeveloped countries is to creates platforms or organisations that is responsible to make general public aware of the virus.


As people are looked down in their homes leaving there jobs and other activities and few of them may away from their families. Situations like these create panic in the society and the mental health of individuals is affected. For keeping people normal and less stressful , psychiatrists are required.

Panic management organisations

To alleviate panic at the national level, panic management organizations should be made.

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